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22 Aug 2008, 18:37
Robert Dzikowski (4 posts)

Dear Mr. Thomas

I like “Agile Web Development with Rails.” 2nd Edition, but it lacks explanations in some areas, especially how html templates work. For example, it isn’t explained what is the flow of control (how the web page is rendered) when a user with disabled JavaScript uses depot application. I know that I should be able to figure it out myself, but I’m not going to spend money on a book and then to be forced to figure out some things by myself. So I would like to see in the 3rd edition detailed explanation of how rendering of web pages works in RoR.

Keep up the good work, Robert

23 Aug 2008, 04:56
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

To be honest, I’m not sure I understand the question. The page rendering works as described in the introductory chapter on erb, and is independent of whether the client has Javascript enabled.


24 Aug 2008, 14:11
Robert Dzikowski (4 posts)

You are right, I didn’t formulate my question precisely.

My question is, where do all web page elements come from (like html tags etc.) when we use rhtml templates? In my opinion RoR templating system isn’t fully explained, I have difficulties to figure out where a web page element (like html tag) came from. When you use a RoR function in a template, could you give an example what this function will print in a web page send to a browser, please.

BTW I figured out flow of control when JavaScript is disabled.


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