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24 Aug 2008, 00:12
Brian Jones (3 posts)

(PDF version B1.5 Aug 18)

It looks like Instant Rails must be updated in order for the steps in ch. 6 to work properly. The statements on page 36 make this seem optional when following the examples:

” Second, at any time you can upgrade your version of Rails to the very latest by bringing up an InstantRails console and typing

C:\rails_apps> gem update –system C:\rails_apps> gem update rails –include-dependencies “

I glossed over this my first pass through the book and got different results and eventually errors when I followed the commands in ch. 6. After updating as instructed on page 36, everything in ch. 6 worked. You might want to just instruct your readers to run the commands rather than suggesting that they do so.

For reference, I installed Instant Rails 2.0 for Windows (file name “ 2007-12-28 21:08”) as this appeared to be the most current release. Without doing the update commands, this gave me different results for the commands:

ruby script/generate scaffold product title:string description:text image_url:string

rake db:migrate

And this command did not work at all:

sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3 “select version from schema_migrations”

And I got ‘No route matches “/products” with {:method=>:get}’ when accessing http://localhost:3000/products for p. 79.


24 Aug 2008, 13:49
Michael Mattingly (14 posts)

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