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26 Aug 2008, 21:44
Martin Mooradian (4 posts)

I have been following the tutorial in the book step by step and I got tripped up somewhere when developing my checkout for the cart. When I hit my “check out” button this is the message I get: ________________________________

undefined method `pay_type’ for #

Extracted source (around line #27):

24: <p> 25: <%= label :order, :pay_type, “Pay with:” %> 26: <%= 27: :pay_type, 28: Order::PAYMENT_TYPES, 29: :prompt => “Select a payment method” 30: %>

I have gone back and double checked the code with the book, but I can not seem to find my error.



26 Aug 2008, 22:38
Michael Mattingly (14 posts)

Have you double-checked for typos in your migration file?

27 Aug 2008, 10:17
Martin Mooradian (4 posts)

I double checked my migration file and realized that the whole column “pay_type” didn’t migrate because of a typo. Amatuer mistake!

I thought that the rake would abort if there were a problem with within the file?

Everything is up and running. THanks a lot!

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