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28 Aug 2008, 08:41
SoftMind (6 posts)


Rails 2.2 is almost round the corner and there will be lots of discussion about Rails 2.2 at Rails conference Europe to be scheduled on September 2-4 2008.

There is also a demo available to day as per the link given below..

It would be great if this book covers Rails 2.2 as well, since the book is still in beta stage and covering 2.2 would be a great advantage for all developers and students.

Agile Web Development with Rails is a book to be preserved for a life time and a must book on all tables.

It would be fine to extend the final printing deadline for this book for a month or so and cover as much is possible for Rails 2.2

Last book was covering Rails 1.2 and this book should cover Rails 2.2, keeping the exact latest reference available.

I would like to know, what other are think on this.


29 Aug 2008, 17:34
Michael Clymer (1 post)

I would like to second this request for coverage of Rails 2.2 material. I am looking to purchase this book and will definitely do so with Rails 2.2 coverage.

30 Aug 2008, 00:57
BJL (1 post)

I was thinking the exact same thing as SoftMind. I would very much appreciate coverage of 2.2. It doesn’t seem to make sense that the book should become outdated so quickly.

At the very least, perhaps a new section to give an overview to important changes introduced by 2.2?

30 Aug 2008, 04:02
Sean McCleary (1 post)

I quadruple the nomination for Rails 2.2 coverage. I already own the first two versions of this book. I keep buying this book to keep current with Rails. It would be a painful buy if the book was already outdated when it launches.

30 Aug 2008, 12:19
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

My only hesitation is that I don’t know the exact release date of Rails 2.2 yet. Depending on the timing there could be anything from a brief mention (something like “here’s a list of features that are expected in the next release”) to full and in depth coverage.

01 Sep 2008, 11:05
Andrew Ballantine (2 posts)

Hi, Since I have found that my current Version one of this book is currently unusable with Rails v2, I would hate for the new version to be out of date almost immediately after its release. Therefore I strongly vote for an extended beta and a delayed release.

03 Sep 2008, 21:16
Yvan Cottyn (3 posts)

I wouldn’t mind neither to wait a little longer for the printed copy if 2.2 were covered.

04 Sep 2008, 03:44
Mike Bailey (1 post)

I’d be happy to wait for 2.2 to be covered.

04 Sep 2008, 21:35
Tom Fillmore (1 post)

Ditto - longer beta, add more value to the book with 2.2

BTW - the book rocks.. 8-)

05 Sep 2008, 10:27
SoftMind (6 posts)


Good News to Share today.

David has just announced this on his blog…” Next upcoming release will be Rails 2.2 beta which is quite close.”

Here’s the link

Rails 2.1.1 was announced today and this news are covered in that blog.

I was more than happy to see that many folks thinks like me here regarding Rails 2.2 coverage and it would be a great loss to have a book without rails 2.2

Pl. let your support flow here..



05 Sep 2008, 12:37
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

Assuming that the beta of 2.2 happens shortly, the bulk of the next beta of the book will be based on 2.1.1 and will have been tested against the beta of 2.2. There will be a new chapter which describes how to enable depot for translation, this chapter (only) will require 2.2.

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