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07 Apr 2011, 13:18 (5 posts)

So my store index pulls in all the items from my database displays them nicely with a little “Add to cart” button, great! HOWEVER I know loads of people have the same problem as I do when it comes to the fact…

How the bloody hell do you make it so you can click the image to go to a separate page that will contain more info and a bigger picture of the item ect ect. I would just put a simple link in the index page but of course the same link would be used on each item, meaning they would all go to the same page not their own unique one!!!

I e-mailed dave thomas and he sent an email back saying…

<%= link_to image_tag(…), product %>

but that was it ¬¬ cheers dave.

so…anyone? anyone at all? know how to make this work? i’ll be very thankful, i’ll even class you as a “friend” ok…maybe not that far but still, help!!!! cheers guys!!!

26 Sep 2011, 01:04
Dave Thomas (396 posts)

That was it because that’s all you need. Honest.

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