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08 Apr 2011, 09:37 (5 posts)

I’ve been using Rails for 2 weeks and to be blunt I’m already fed up. I’ve been following books and tutorials and always come up with problems because the book is actually wrong! Even simple URL links that you come across for example the login, in the book it’s written as http://localhost:3000/login when in fact it should be http://localhost:3000/admin/login.

Little things like this are starting to really annoy me, I NEVER had this problem with magento and the only reason I’m using rails is because my boss wants me to. Not only this, I emailed the pragmatic team, I got an email back “post about it on the forum via this link” so i did, I had no reply to my problems so I emailed Dave Thomas who was even worse at helping me! You would think as somebody who’s part of this whole rails thing he would want to help people but in fact he was just plain useless,

So, the whole point of this post, why on Earth should I use rails when magento never gives me problems and if it does at least I can always get help!!!

16 May 2011, 15:58
Mohamed Naim (1 post)

Sorry you are having issues with Rails. I’m just a noob and you probably already know this, but give Stackoverflow site a try. I got my questions answered there. Good luck.

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