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03 May 2011, 12:06 (5 posts)

Seems to be a lot of these kind of topics posted all over the Internet. It doesn’t fill me with much hope when looking round for information about software to realise there’s actually very little to find! so when you come up with a problem you email someone like dave thomas only to realise he also is as helpful as a nun in a bedroom!!! after having to figure my problems out without the help of the guys who like to say are extremely helpful, I’ve come across yet ANOTHER problem…


Oh yes, that’s right, you just spent a lot of time figuring out how to use ruby, you build yourself a nice looking site then you think, yaaay finished all i have to do now is make it live online!! Buy no, this Isn’t a quick 5minute process like it is in say Adobe Dreamweaver, there is VERY little info on this matter online and everything I’ve come across doesn’t work! So I’m keen to see if any of you do, IF i manage to actually Deploy my project then I might actually see some use for ruby (even if the “support” are s**t and rate themselves FAR to highly! YES I know you can read this, it’s about time you actually took notice and realised how un-helpful you are!)

Yes ruby is good ONCE you’ve figured it all out, in fact I’ll even be willing to say it’s very good but A LOT of the process is far to on going and there’s never any help when you need it. This opinion could change if anyone can prove to me that deploying a ruby site is actually easy and this is just my fault, however I find this doubtful.

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