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12 Sep 2008, 20:35
Matt Webster (2 posts)

nit: page 109 calls depot_f/app/controllers/store_controller.rb and then references depot_f/app/controllers/store_controller.rb again on page 111. Should the p 109 reference might be to (the currently non-existent) depot_e?

13 Sep 2008, 00:28
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

It is not uncommon in the book for a single file that is updated multiple times in quick succession to show a number of intermediate results in the book with the snapshot on the server reflecting the cumulative affect. This was also true of prior editions of the book.

I only see this as a problem if the updates are quite a distant apart or overlap. Did this cause any problems for you?

13 Sep 2008, 18:55
Matt Webster (2 posts)

Just some confusion. I chalked it down as a misprint and continued on finding the second reference two pages later. Not being used to .pdf books, it’s good to know this is a common practice, thanks!