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19 Sep 2008, 17:26
Brian Eagan (1 post)

I was dismayed to look over the changes on 3rd edition to find that chapter 25 (AWS) may be dropped. While I understand with Rails 2.0 REST is now the preferred approach, I’m finding a lack of information on best practices integrating existing infrastructure using SOAP in a client Rails app a bit mysterious.

I suspect using Rails to do quick/high quality applications against large SOAP exposed infrastructure is becoming a common use case, and I for one, would love to read about the authors thoughts on how to develop applications in that vein while keeping it ‘Railsy’

Really enjoy the book, thanks for the great effort!

21 Sep 2008, 04:06
Mikhail V. Shokhirev (a.k.a. Mike Shock) (19 posts)

The AWDwR book has from the 1st edition been the best and most profound tutorial and reference about Rails. And the 25th chapter about AWS & SOAP could greatly help the developers who write applications interacting with non-REST web-services.

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