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30 Sep 2008, 00:57
Nick Kaltner (1 post)

I know it’s probably way too late in the release cycle to add another section, but if you can, in “The Web, v2.0” it would be invaluable to have a section on using jquery instead of prototype.

jquery has been picked up by numerous big organisations - even microsoft. It is IMHO much much cleaner than prototype syntax. Just search on google for “Jquery vs. prototype” for a plethora of reasons why.

Every web designer I know prefers it, and it would be a great way to show off the flexability of rails.

Even some links to some sites or a quick pointer on where to start would be great.

05 Oct 2008, 12:45
Giuseppe Caruso (22 posts)

I absolutely agree with you, jQuery vs. Prototype represents, IMO, what Ruby and RoR is vs. Java/Php And since I am able to use it, it means that everyone could be able to. :)

24 Oct 2008, 15:43
Chris Bloom (4 posts)

I’ve used the jRails plugin in a recent project and can say that except for a few changes in some rjs files, it was an easy transition. (And I disagree that jQuery is not mainstream for Rails. There are many, many articles on the Intertubes about using jQuery instead of Prototype in Rails apps.)

12 Nov 2008, 06:29
Jeremy Ricketts (1 post)

Not sure if this is the place for voicing this, but yes… Rails would really do well to look more seriously into supporting jQuery out of the box. Prototype and Scriptaculous are dinosaurs now. It seems obvious to me that there is much more movement in the jQuery framework. From a performance standpoint, jQuery consistently beats out nearly everything else. The documentation for Prototype is sparse and very often outdated. Scriptaculous effects are often jumpy and buggy.

Let’s keep with the times here Rails!

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