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21 Feb 2010, 08:53
Dan Ash (5 posts)

I’m a novice to Android development and am working through Hello, Android as my first programming resource. I’m hoping to create a small application to play some simple melodies on an in-memory synthesizer.

A post to the zdnet Dev Connection forums suggested that Android supports some MIDI classes that might be used to construct something like this:

However, after unsuccessfully trying to import some classes from the javax.sound library, I’m beginning to wonder if this is true.

I now see that Hello, Android Appendix A ‘A.2 Standard Library Subset’ seems to indicate that these Java Standard Edition classes have been removed from the supported libraries.

If so, is there an alternative approach that might be used?

Thanks, Dan Ash White Plains, NY

23 Feb 2010, 01:35
Ed Burnette (1341 posts)


23 Apr 2015, 15:37
Piyush Jain (1 post)

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