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26 Feb 2013, 17:12
Z W (1 post)


We have a windows application that can be installed with command shell. We call it “installtion via console” bu issuing a command app.exe -i console. Subsequent outputs are text-based wizard to prompt and help user to enter details to install the application.

Can we use the windows examples in this book to test console installation method ? If not, would you point us in the right direction to achieve our final goal- installation test script

We ask because this is not a GUI testing but a console-based
installation testing scripts that we are trying to create.

04 Mar 2013, 22:29
Erin Dees (207 posts)

Hello, Z W.

This book doesn’t cover console application testing. However, there is a good open source Ruby library called Aruba that may be useful to you.

The original Cucumber Book by Matt Wynne and Aslak Hellesøy talks about Aruba a little bit.



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