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21 May 2008, 19:51
Geff Hanoian (1 post)

Does this book cover rails? I didn’t see anything in the examples.

Thanks much,


22 May 2008, 11:53
Josef Finsel (4 posts)

No, I didn’t do anything rails specific in the book. You can check out this link: from the RoR wiki about implementing memcached functionality within rails.

19 Jun 2008, 12:19
Anand Rajaram (1 post)

Hi: Does this book talk about memcached clustering? I looked at the TOC and couldn’t find any references.

Thank you Anand

19 Jun 2008, 15:10
Josef Finsel (4 posts)

If by clustering you mean having multiple memcached servers and splitting the load between them, it doesn’t cover that in much depth because that is a function of whatever client tool you are using.

You can have 30 memcached servers set up and, as long as your client knows about them, they automagically get used. There are some things to consider related to the client with multiple servers related to how the client hashes the servers and that’s covered in the section on Server Hashing in Chapter 2. Does that help?