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22 May 2009, 08:20
Sven Opitz (5 posts)


I downloaded the epub-Version to my PSR505 to read and I found the following problems:

  1. Source code and similarly formatted content is not wrapped automatically, so lines are cut at the displays right side. You can see this in source code, but also in the first quiz. The are sentences, that will become input for the program to write, but they are cut short also.
  2. Bookmarks are not always correctly divided between answer and solution, you can see this, too in the first quiz. This is no problem at all, since bookmarks are much more conveniently reached by using the link.

So a few minor details, but altogether I am absolutely happy to read my pragmatic books on my reader and a big Thank You for making the formatting so good, that most fiction books I have bought could learn a thing or two!

Thank you Sven

04 Jan 2010, 19:26
Joe McGlynn (3 posts)

The footnotes for the actual quiz chapters don’t exist. That is, in any of the quizzes that have footnotes the link within the text takes you to the cover, and at the end of the quiz (chapter) the footnote body doesn’t exist.

This is on the Amazon Kindle format.

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