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08 Dec 2008, 08:00
Nick Cartwright (3 posts)


I’ve purchased all podcasts and your book ($52) and I have not been able (with considerable effort and background research) to translate your cover flow application to iPhone.

Will there be another episode in the series to help explain this as I feel this would add tremendous value to the series. In it’s current state - I would not recommend another iPhone developer waste $52.

Thanks, Nick.

08 Dec 2008, 13:28
Bill Dudney (916 posts)

Hi Nick,

Sorry that you have not found the answers you are looking for.

Basic approach;

  • move the code that you find in the layout manager into a ‘layoutSublayers’ method on the parent view
  • fix all the stuff that won’t compile because of this move
  • change the layout code so that it works with the inverted nature of it’s location

While I have not done this yet it is in my plan.

Good luck!

08 Dec 2008, 14:49
Nick Cartwright (3 posts)

Thanks Bill,

I really appreciate your help here.

To be fair, I probably was a little fuming this morning after a weekend of pain ending in my Mac giving me the flashing question mark of doom! In all fairness a good set of tutorials - I’ll be picking up the next in the series when it’s available ;)


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