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23 May 2012, 20:34
Curt Man (2 posts)

I’ve been working on episode 5 and I’ve noticed a few issues. The first issue was that the naming convention seems to have changed regarding the testing modules names. I went to eunit documentation and found that it expects a name of “m_tests” m being your module name. vs what is in the video as “test_fizzbuzz” Once I changed to “fizzbuzz_tests” that problem went away.

Secondly the code will Error out. Specifically when I get to 19:30 in the video and the line “test_fizzbuzz:test().” (which the updated version is “fizzbuzz_tests:test().” I will get this:

Error in process <0.51.0> with exit value: {terminated,[{io,format,[<0.42.0>,"Shutting down...~n",[]],[]},{fizzbuzz,loop,0,[{file,"fizzbuzz.erl"},{line,54}]}]}

I thought maybe it was just a bug in my code, So I then downloaded the code for the episode… only to get the same error. Any thoughts on what is going wrong? Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Curt.

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