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26 Jun 2011, 01:46
DS (1 post)

I’m getting this error when running test_fizzbuzz:test() in episode 5. Same result when running the downloaded source as when running what I built alongside Kevin during the episode. Is this the result of some change in Erlang since the screencasts were created? Any ideas how to address the error?

3> test_fizzbuzz:test(). All 7 tests passed. ok

=ERROR REPORT==== 25-Jun-2011::20:40:16 === Error in process <0.57.0> with exit value: {terminated,[{io,format,[<0.48.0>,”Shutting down…~n”,[]]},{fizzbuzz,loop,0}]}

23 May 2012, 20:48
Curt Man (2 posts)

Hi DS, I have also added my voice to the issue you have raised. Hopefully it will be addressed, though I am not holding my breath as you did not get a response. Perchance did you ever find a resolution? Thanks for any help! Cheers, Curt.

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