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29 Nov 2010, 17:15
Daniel (2 posts)

I went through the task of adding the purchased on column on page 28 yet the view didnt change.

I did notice that compared to what the book says for this output:

C:\dev\book_tracker> rake db:migrate (in C:/dev/book_tracker) == 20080722191930 AddPurchasedOnToBooks: migrating ==================== – add_column(:books, :purchased_on, :date) -> 0.0470s == 20080722191930 AddPurchasedOnToBooks: migrated (0.0470s) ===========

Mine had zeros below, not sure what that means except the time it took to execute.

-> 0.0000s == 20080722191930 AddPurchasedOnToBooks: migrated (0.0000s) ===========

Regardless, although it appeared that everything worked, the view didnt change. Open app/views/books/new.html.erb I did this twice with the same effect.

Also what happens if you create a second site with the same name like books does the latest one get the url http://localhost:3000/books?

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