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11 Dec 2009, 17:51
Markus Böing (2 posts)


I just started with the book and are already stuck.

My Xcode “New Project” window differs from the one shown in the book. It does not offer Cocoa-Ruby Application as an option.

Do I need to install additional Xcode components?

Sorry for the stupid question.

Thank you very much in advance, /Markus.

12 Dec 2009, 15:09
Markus Böing (2 posts)

Just for the record, it looks like you have to install additional components.

On my vanilla SL system RubyCocoa was present (in IRB: require ‘osx/cocoa’ => true).

After installing Developer Tools I did not see templates for Ruby in Xcode.

I pulled a binary distribution of RubyCocoa from SourceForge and installed it. Now I have templates for Cocoa-Ruby in Xcode. Looks like they are working as well.

Thanks, /Markus.

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