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11 Jun 2008, 18:55
Marcus Brito (7 posts)

This was the best screencast I’ve ever seen.

I was one of the many out there that just reaped the benefits of metaprogramming in Ruby without really understanding it, and completely incapable of doing it myself.

I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to Dave for tackling such an interesting yet poorly discussed subject. The overall structure of the screencast is great – I’ve never seen metaprogramming explained in such a clear and easy to understand way. Now I’m eagerly awaiting for the next episode!

18 Jun 2008, 01:46
Devin Walters (9 posts)

Agreed. I’ve been doing a lot of ruby lately. By osmosis (read: a lot of debugging) I’ve learned how to make things work, but this screencast explains WHY it works.

Thanks Dave!

19 Jun 2008, 14:14
Michael Bedward (11 posts)

Just want to add my vote here too. The screencasts are just fantastic ! I really like the way that Dave manages to make them informal and entertaining, while at the same time teaching you lots of stuff that, to me at least, has previously seemed confusing or unattainable.

Great work - thankyou !

19 Jun 2008, 22:29
Arpan Chinta (6 posts)

These screencasts are perfect.

I’m a designer who uses Ruby on Rails extensively. At times I don’t understand what’s going on in the code that the developers have worked on. I’ve been going through a couple books to get a better understanding. But the screencasts have helped me to understand a lot of stuff that I wasn’t able to wrap my mind around before. Really appreciate the way you walk us through all those examples. Code and text in books just can’t touch the quality of your training.

I would definitely sign up for a class if you were teaching anywhere close to where I live. Alas, a commute from India to your classes would be a bit expensive. ;-)

Thank you very very much for your work and keep them coming.

21 Jun 2008, 08:59
Todd Porter (1 post)

What an enjoyable and painless way to learn! Thank you Dave. Impressed by the clarity and depth of the explanations.

Does anyone know the Textmate theme used in the screencast? Very easy on the eye.

21 Sep 2008, 16:19
Nate Kidwell (2 posts)

Want to echo everyone’s sentiments here. The only one that I’ve had any confusion with was #7, and that was due to the deep magic involved rather than Dave Thomas’ presentation itself.

A really great series - he’s like a civilized version of WhyTheLuckyStiff!

28 Oct 2008, 14:13
Todd W Crone (7 posts)

Add another gold star to Dave’s screencasts. I am going through the screencasts a second time now and I am still learning SOOOOO much. I have been a failed Ruby programmer trying to come over from Java several times. After learning some Groovy I got going on these screencasts and now I can honestly say I am FINALLY on my way to enlightenment! God bless you guys at Pragmatic Bookshelf for all your guidance and passion for your craft. I am sure your efforts are worth far more than $5/episode teaching us novices how to move closer to becoming experts.

11 May 2009, 19:24
Russ Jones (2 posts)

Dave, I’m sad to have finished this series.

The content is the best I’ve ever come across. I recommend it to everyone just getting into Ruby.

I would love to see you do another series on Design Patterns in Ruby. You’d really knock that one out of the ballpark.

25 Jul 2010, 08:21
Gavin Sinclair (1 post)

I’ll add my thanks. I bought the series a little while ago but just watched it over the last week. Terrific stuff.

Dave, if you’re considering a second series to cover more of this stuff (DSL examples, other hooks, …), please consider this a nudge :)

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