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02 Apr 2009, 04:36
Frisco Del Rosario (5 posts)

I must know: Whose idea was the kitten cover?

02 Apr 2009, 16:51
Keir Thomas (37 posts)

We had a variety of cover concepts, including some that were obvious (a fist hitting something). The idea of colored belts (i.e. a black belt) wasn’t possible because Pragmatic have another book that happened to use that idea (Mastering Dojo). The kitten appeared in the results of a photographic search engine, and the photographer actually called the shot “Kung Fu Kitty”. We all agreed it was cute, and I liked the fact that it was like the “I Can Has Cheezburger” craze (I don’t think the people at Pragmatic saw that particular reference, but “I did”: on the commercial website I made for the book).

Personally, I think the kitten looks more like it’s doing Tai Chi. Maybe she’s a very stressed kitty.

03 Apr 2009, 08:19
Frisco Del Rosario (5 posts)

Linux scares me, but I love the kitten gag so much that I’m somewhat persuaded to build an Ubuntu box and get to work.

Thank you for the explanation.

07 May 2009, 18:35
Thomas Kuna (4 posts)

I love the cover and the book to. With the help of Ubuntu Kung Fu and your other book “The Ubuntu Pocket Guide” i discovered the linux world and don´t wanna miss it anymore. THanks Keir! I hope to see some new stuff from you soon =D

05 Jun 2009, 10:07
Karl Hzyjak (7 posts)

Would you recommend this book for a linux noob ?

06 Sep 2009, 13:27
Johannes Deutschland (8 posts)

Keir Thomas will release a new book soon. But it will be published by Apress.

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