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09 Jul 2008, 18:14
Aaron Kulbe (1 post)


Have you released any of your books in Kindle format? I saw this book announcement, and I’m interested in that book… and also recently bought a Kindle.

It rocks. So does Ubuntu. So do you guys.

Let me know. If you haven’t released any Kindle-format books… do you have any plans to?


Aaron K.

25 Aug 2008, 01:39
Dave E Martin (2 posts)

Hm, i’d like to second this request. While its possible – in a round-about sort of way – to get a pdf onto a Kindle, its nicer if the book is directly formatted in kindle (or mobipocket) format directly. I find the kindle a very convenient way to carry around a reference librarI suppose you could replace stamping the name on every page with stamping it between every few paragraphs, or the beginnig of every chapter or something like that.

25 Aug 2008, 08:27
Keir Thomas (37 posts)

I believe the Pragmatic head honchos are working hard on this, but there are some severe technical limitations. They’re requesting reader feedback on the way forward:

and in particular

That said, Ubuntu Kung Fu would probably convert better than most Pragmatic books because there’s no code, apart from some chains of commands. Maybe they should start their experiments with my book? :)