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14 Jul 2008, 08:38
Keir Thomas (37 posts)

Hi everybody. If you have a few moments, head over to It’s in its early stages right now but I’m hoping it will become a thriving community dedicated to tips, tricks, hints, and hacks for Ubuntu.

It’s a bit quiet right now but I’m working as virtual barkeep, and will try my best to respond to queries. Of course, I also invite you to post any tips or tricks you’ve come across.

22 Jul 2008, 12:13
Keir Thomas (37 posts)

Just to let you know, has mutated a little bit into a community networking site that serves nothing but links to interesting Ubuntu tips. As far as I know this is unique, and should prove a useful resource for just about anybody using Ubuntu. Take a look!

10 Dec 2008, 01:20
Vadim Peretokin (1 post)


Just to let you know, it is impossible to register for the forums. Clicking upon the activation link gives a 404.

Also, your email is very hard to track down! No ‘Contacts’ page or anything. This is the best place I could find.