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30 Mar 2010, 01:25
Michael Easter (1 post)

hi everyone,

I think the book is an absolute gem. The content and tone is spot-on.

Looking back on my experiences, I have a question about handling different offers, which are in play yet at different stages. Suppose you talk to companies A, B, and C, and all are interesting gigs with different pros and cons. However firm A works more quickly and you have an offer before you know it.

An obvious strategy is to weigh A on its own accord, and decide from there. One might have to do a “gut check” and gamble on forthcoming offers from B or C.

Above that, are there any tactics? e.g. is there an elegant way to tell A to ‘slow down’, as it were, until you have all the information you need to decide? Would unvarnished transparency be appropriate here?

thanks Michael Easter

03 Apr 2010, 04:03
Andy Lester (12 posts)

One of the bummers is that talking to B and C will sound like BS. If you go to firm B and say “I’ve got another offer on the table, so where do we stand” it may sound like BS. But I think it’s what you’ll need to do if B or C are more to your liking.

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