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01 Mar 2009, 19:57
Garold L Johnson (4 posts)

I am installing on Windows XP SP3 using ActiveState Python 2.6.1.

The numpy and setuptools packages require Python 2.5 and refuse to install with only Python 2.6 available.

Is there a way to convince them to deal with Python 2.6, or am I going to have to go about this some other way? A quick scan of the early parts of the book didn’t give me any hint.

06 Mar 2009, 04:19
Kenji Rikitake (2 posts)

I found the pointer as shown above and installed numpy 1.2.1 on WinXP Python 2.6.1.

27 May 2009, 15:35
Todd Tilghman (1 post)

I had to use numpy-1.3.0-win32-superpack-python2.6

11 Jul 2009, 14:37
Paul Gries (46 posts)

Hi Todd,

This is Paul, one of the authors. Our apologies for the bad set of instructions. We’ve had some success with Python 2.6 on some but not all versions of Windows and Mac OS X, and the whole dependency mess made us update the instructions to focus on Python 2.5. We’re updating the instructions in the code distribution here, and you can also see them here:

pymedia installation instructions

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