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27 Aug 2009, 13:22
Norman Hoodoi (2 posts)

Dear Paul Butcher, i just finished reading the beta book. And now I can say it´s one of my favorite books. I am a PHD. in computer science and I will suggest this book to my students. It´s just great. And its just the beta book.

I hope to see another books from you soon. I am definitely a fan.

Greets from Netherland // Amsterdam

27 Aug 2009, 21:09
Paul Butcher (37 posts)

Very many thanks, Norman - I’m blushing :-)

As for other books - I think that I’ll wait until this one is finally done before making plans ;-)

Thanks again!


04 Sep 2009, 13:54
Larry Marylan (2 posts)

Hello Norman and Paul, I can also say that i was pleased to read this beta book. It is one favorites along with Code Complete. I also hope to see more from you Paul. Perfect pragmatic style and some smile moments too. Just a great books.

Best regards, Larry from Mailand

12 Sep 2009, 21:11
Johannes Deutschland (8 posts)

Great book. Can´t wait for more of Mr. Butcher.

18 Sep 2009, 04:16
John H Simmonds (13 posts)

As I mentioned in a recent erratum report, this is a top-shelf and highly useable book, well structured, easy to read and packed with practical wisdom !

It may be “hard” to top this one Paul!

Thanks again (from the coal face of programming practice).

P.s. There are a few other titles out there in this class .. e.g. Metzger’s “Debugging by Thinking” (hp/ELSEVIER Digital Press)

23 Nov 2009, 15:24
Richard Albury (3 posts)

Agreed: I’m very pleased with this book and plan to encourage my teammates to read it. Kudos, Paul.

27 Nov 2009, 23:59
Paul Butcher (37 posts)

Many thanks for the kind words, everyone - I really appreciate the feedback.

BTW - if any of you feel like posting a review to, it would be a huge help with getting the word out :-)

Thanks again,


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