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26 Oct 2008, 18:07
Rich Morin (1 post)

Because of timing considerations (I presume), “Cocoa Programming” does not cover MacRuby. However, the vast majority of its content is applicable to MacRuby. I’m wondering if there is a way in which the MacRuby community could help to fill in some of the holes, until a revised version (or whatever) comes out.

For example, what if we set up a wiki page for each chapter in the book, noting and clarifying issues that make the book invalid for MacRuby? In particular, the page could present and explain code changes that would be needed to make the examples work under MacRuby.

This material could be hosted on (or elsewhere, if desired). The main issue, however, is that this effort should be approved by the book’s author and publisher. Is this possible and, if so, what should the ground rules be?

08 Nov 2008, 22:06
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)


Brian Marick’s Mac Ruby book is very good. He explains Cocoa, bindings, … in very Ruby centric ways and is (as Brian typically is) thoughtful and thorough.


01 Apr 2009, 11:21
Frisco Del Rosario (5 posts)

I introduced myself to the macruby-dev list, and said I wanted to help. John Shea suggested that I could help him translate Bill Dudney’s core animation examples to MacRuby.

Shea wrote: “I have checked with the Pragmatic Programmers and they are fine with MacRuby versions of this code being in the community - as long as there is a copyright notice.”

I went on to discover the Cocoa Programming: Quick Start Guide, and began translating those examples as a learning exercise.

Rich’s idea is good, and it’s OK with the publishers for us to share the code. “Just have the copyright blurb, a link back to, and then your credit,” said Andy Hunt.

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