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03 Nov 2008, 05:10
John Joyce (9 posts)

Quartz Debug is pretty neat, but it should maybe get a lot smaller mention, a lot bigger CAVEAT, or something in an Appendix covering tools and utilities. Introducing it early on is almost pointless. What’s more distressing? Running Quartz debug crashed my whole system! Pretty nasty. I’ve never seen a hard crash like that since OS 9 or Windows (name one). Even the Force Quit window would not respond. Pretty bad. (and I work for AppleCare, I’ve seen things when they’re bad) I wasn’t running anything graphically intensive, plenty of RAM… No freak out here, just a word to others. Generally any app with then name debug, is a potential app crasher. (Instruments comes to mind…) But when you consider Quartz debug is inserting calls to draw on rects that are being redrawn already, that’s a doubling of overhead for Quartz…

08 Nov 2008, 22:00
Daniel H Steinberg (98 posts)

Thanks John,

Sorry that that happened. I don’t know about pointless. But perhaps a warning is warranted.


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