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08 Nov 2008, 04:34
Bill Nalen (13 posts)

I just started reading the pdf. In the introduction you say “Once you get a feel for the neighborhood you’ll have more questions but you’ll know where and how to get them answered.”

I wonder if you might add an appendix on where to go next for specific topics, i.e. Marcus’s Core Data book for Core Data, various wikis, mailing lists, etc..

08 Nov 2008, 21:58
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)


I will be wrapping things up that way – but we’ve got a lot more material to cover. We’ll be looking at bindings and core data in just a few chapters from now. I’ve slowed down a bit recently to prepare and teach the Cocoa Studio and iPhone Studio. Those wrap up next week so it’s back to the book.

I’m glad that I had a chance to teach the material as I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback that should help this book.

Thanks Bill,


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