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10 Nov 2008, 05:08
Bill Nalen (13 posts)

I just finished going through chapter 2. I really like the way you create something pretty sophisticated and useful as the initial project. This shows the power of using the built in objects. Here are a couple of thoughts I had:

  • maybe a footnote on what the blue lines in IB are - i.e. HIG reference
  • note more strongly that using built in views/classes helps a lot, how much code and work would it be to create your own web view
  • seems like using the built in stuff gets you 90% of the way to your app, but Mac OS X apps polish that last 10% and it will take 90% of your time
  • I had been working on other apps and iPhone stuff before I created this project, so when I added the webkit framework I wasn’t in the right starting folder, perhaps a full path to this framework?
  • maybe a footnote on why debug apps don’t run on other computers?
  • if it is possible to edit the nib of Mail and save it, perhaps a caution not to since that could mess up the application, i.e. you are editing the real live nib file used by the application

Just my 2 cents. Bill

27 Nov 2008, 01:38
Daniel H Steinberg (98 posts)

Thanks Bill,

I’ve made some of these changes in the next Beta that will release. If you have a chance, in the future can you please submit errata so we don’t risk missing any of your excellent suggestions.

Thank you,


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