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02 Feb 2009, 14:13
Jose Antonio Lobato (6 posts)


It looks to me that the code on the book is not dual-code (with and without Garbage collector). So I try with the provided code on chapter 10. I Enable the garbage collector and realize that there are leaks and I do not know how to solve them. ¿Can anyone help please?


24 Feb 2009, 22:35
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)

Sorry to leave you hanging so long Jose,

Can you point me to which program you’re having issues with?



05 Mar 2009, 20:11
Jose Antonio Lobato (6 posts)

Hi Daniel,

Probably I’m making a mistake. Does it make sense using instruments (leaks) to find leaks when the garbage collector is enable.

Everytime I do it does appear some leaks but going on details I see as many Malloc as Free.

By the way. Thanks for the book it is great.


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