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03 Apr 2009, 08:17
Frisco Del Rosario (5 posts)

The instructions in sec. 5.7 include:

• We need to implement webView:didReceiveTitle:forFrame: in Simple- BrowserController.m by filling in the body of this method:

-(void)webView:(WebView *)sender didReceiveTitle:(NSString *)title 
forFrame:(WebFrame *)frame{ 


and then

• We wait.

I’ve been waiting for hours, and the title hasn’t changed, which should mean my delegate method isn’t being triggered?

The MacRuby translation is:

def didReceiveTitle(title, forFrame:frame)


29 Jun 2009, 20:38
Sondre Selnes (3 posts)

The book also says that you should type: [[sender window] setTitle:title]; between the brackets. But - We wait ! Just wait ! p77.

.. and on page 110: …after a while you´d like to greet something other than the whole world´ - Who ?

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