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25 Apr 2009, 04:42
Brett (9 posts)


Been working through the book and think it’s great. I got up to page 169 (chapter 10) but for some reason when I run the code I don’t get launched info. All I get is a blank window.

I downloaded the code from the website and it does the same thing.

Is there code missing?

Something that seems strange to me is that there is no implementation of

-(void)launched:(NSNotification *)notification
-(void)terminated:(NSNotification *)notification

in the HelloApplicationNibsDelegate. I would have thought these would be needed in order to pass the notification on so that the CurrentInfoViewController gets it and can then pass it down to BorderedIconView and MessageField.

02 May 2009, 12:37
Brett (9 posts)

51 views and noone else has any ideas?

Has anyone else done this chapter and actually got the example working?

17 May 2009, 18:29
Mark Boszko (4 posts)

Similarly, I get the error:

bq. -[NSViewController loadView] loaded the “CurrentInfoView” nib but no view was set.

17 May 2009, 18:55
Mark Boszko (4 posts)

Ah! I missed the instruction on p.164:

bq. Use the Connection inspector to connect the File’s Owner’s view outlet to the BorderedIconView.

Works as expected now.

19 May 2009, 04:04
Brett (9 posts)

hrmm that’s strange.

I’ll download the source and try again.

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