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01 Jul 2009, 06:29
Sondre Selnes (3 posts)

After chapter 6, I found it natural to stop and make notes from earlier chapters before moving on. It is an exciting book !

One of the best things about this book is that one learn to think programming and not only codeing. Programming, I have learned, is about all the stuff - the communication between the objects. Excellent work from the author !, but there are some issues;

The author do not explain the MVC method in ch 7. Most of Ch 7 miss explanation. (One type a lot of code and ends up with the first MVC application). But, there is also a advantage of this - one have to investigate by one self - and that is excellent !

I recommend this book to everyone wanting to learn Cocoa-programming, but some previous experience in programming and the MVC method are recommended.

The book is clearly a start-guide, it does not cover “everything” but it is an excellent book in learning programming.

28 Jun 2009, 01:01
Bala Paranj (20 posts)

I have worked through the examples in this book. This book does a terrible job of introducing beginners to Cocoa programming. I found that working through the book leads to lot of problems. Authors assume lot of things and miss some of the instructions that is required to make the examples work. I have to download the code by clicking “download” and then I have to compare that file to mine, make changes to get it working.

Apress book on iPhone development has set a very high standard for newbies to Mac OS programming. This book needs lot of improvement and the authors can learn a lot by looking at the structure of that book. That book does a great job of holding the hands of the reader and walking through all the examples.

24 Jul 2009, 13:38
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)

I’m sorry you feel this way Bala and Saurabh. I thought that I spent quite a bit of time explaining the mechanisms behind messaging, delegation, bindings, etc. I have a lot of respect for Aaron and for the authors of the Apress book but this book is not intended for the same audience and is not intended to take you on the same journey that they do (otherwise there would be no purpose for this book). I will take Sondre’s suggestion into account during the Snow Leopard revisions. I do think that MVC needs to be better set up and have ideas on how to do so.

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