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29 Jun 2009, 18:52
Brad Hutchins (58 posts)

With this book not only do you get to go over MAC development but prep developers for iPhone (and potentially tablet developers, and potentially Apple TV if Bill Dudney hopes are correct).

But did you think of a chapter for cover Objective-J, Cappuccino, Atlas and the nib2cib application may tie in nicely. Nothing heavy of course can’t handle a lot in a single chapter…. But a nice thing to point out inspired by Xcode and Cocoa. And the skills you learn in this book can for the most part transport over to that group.

24 Jul 2009, 13:34
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)

Brad, I should add this to the Introduction. If it’s not in the next beta, please remind me. I have just added an iPhone chapter in the beta that ships today.

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