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24 Jul 2009, 15:22
Brad Hutchins (58 posts)

Got the New Beta this morning and what you said in the beta updates is more or less what I suspected was going to happen. That is this book to be back-burnered until Snow Leopard is release and revise this book with the new things in Cocoa and Xcode. Only makes sense, why produce a book that would be obsolete in 1-2 months, same course as the iPhone book.

I hope what Bill Dudney suspects actually happens (Apple TV migrating to a game console of sorts) and iPhone and iPod touches becoming the controllers. Would really open up the market for coders/developers/designers. Thanx mostly in part the new resurgence of OSX and Cocoa in the past 3 years, really starting with the introduction with the first MacBook Pro (intel), but heavily picking up steam since iPhone OS 2.0.

And now, with just another 6-9 mos or so away from leaving beta (give or take a few), the Objective-J and Cappuccino framework (which Brian Marick of “Scripting with ruby”, and “Ruby Cocoa” has been really getting into), open up even more doors to Xcoders and Cocoa developers. And MacRuby as well of course. This is turning out to be an exciting time for Cocoa and Ruby developers all around.

25 Jul 2009, 14:12
Daniel H Steinberg (97 posts)

Oh no – we’ll be leaving beta very soon. Snow Leopard is on target to ship in September so this book is not being back-burnered in fact just the opposite. I want to have all the new material and the revisions to the existing material ready for you the day that Snow Leopard ships. Then we’re off to tech review while the beta readers file their errata as well and we’ll have the final book in your hands soon after.

As for Bill’s prediction – it actually is something I’ve been saying to him for a long time when we co-teach the iPhone studios. Then again, I’ve wrongly been predicting the release of the tablet for three years now.

Brian Marick’s Ruby Cocoa book should be in bookstores very soon as it’s at the printers.

25 Jul 2009, 15:38
Brad Hutchins (58 posts)

But you don’t plan to leave Beta until SL I am taking it? I have been predict iTablet for a long time too, who knows if they will come out with it, or perhaps something we never saw coming.

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