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13 Aug 2009, 18:24
Guglielmo Celata (2 posts)

Hi, I am a complete newby on Cocoa and Mac Programming. I have followed the steps in chapter 6, adapting the SimpleBrowser sample to the iPhone, but right after creating the outlets to get the URL from the input text field and having implemented the method in the controller, a Build and Run does not load the URL in the WebView.

I have the IPhone OS2.0 SDK installed and cannot download the OS3.0 SDK, since I am using a narrow-band connection, temporarily. Could this be the problem?

When I set a breakpoint, all the variables get their values correctly. Strangely, an error appears in the debug console, only if a breakpoint is set and active, saying that tha UIKit/UIKit.h file could not be found. The path that the GDB is trying to use is wrong (System/Libraries/Frameworks/UIKit, instead of the IPhone/OS installation path).

P.S. I am loving the book. I’ve tried to read official manuals and could not get into Cocoa programming as I’ve done with just a couple of days reading.

14 Aug 2009, 21:33
Guglielmo Celata (2 posts)

I have tried to repeat the steps described in chapter 6 and everything works correctly. Probably I messed up the creation of the interface and the view was not properly shown.

In any case, using the IPhone OSX 2.0 is almost ok, there are only negligible differences, as to the example in chapter 6.

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