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20 Oct 2009, 09:09
Robert M. Münch (1 post)

Hi, doing software development for 20+ years, with different languages, platforms etc. and being totaly new to OSX programming I like the book a lot.

There are some points I think that can be improved:

  1. Use more pictures to show what will be done to the examples and why. I’m sometimes lost adding more and more stuff to the “Browser” example or “Hello World”. Yes, an example is required and it needs to evolve, but I need to understand and remember (!) while reading, what the goal is. This is simpler if I have a simple graphic in mind.

  2. I downloaded XCode and read a couple of internal docs to better understand how those implicit things in “Custom Views” work. Because this is not explained. It’s just stated: ABC is available to your app.

What I miss is a short overview how all the pieces fit. OSX is unique in that it uses a very special tool and runtime chain. OSX has a special objective-c based runtime environment. Coming from the Smalltalk direction this makes sense, Smalltalk required a runtime environment too.

Hence, OSX knows how to handle and play with objective-c programs. Apple extended the compiler to fit to OSX. So using it on other platforms without such a runtime and framework set doesn’t make a lot of sense.

This tight coupling of objective-c, runtime environment, frameworks etc. should be explained very early. It helps getting all pieces together.

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