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31 Dec 2009, 17:45
David Eiche (1 post)

I’m working from B1.13 in Chapter 11 and I’m seeing the log entries that Daniel doesn’t see when iCal is started. (This would be my equivalent of the HelloApplication2/CurrentApp.m.)

The only “substantive” difference I’ve found is that I included @(assign)@ in my @currentApp@ property. I was being annoyed by build warnings without it.

I’ve tried building 32-bit and 64-bit, release and debug; all produce the same results. What else might I do to isolate the problem?

11 Jan 2010, 06:09
Joe Rozner (5 posts)

I’m seeing the same behavior.

17 Mar 2010, 14:32
Antonio Tamborino (1 post)

Hi, I’m an absolute beginner but I think you have not set Garbage Collector as required for the project so there is a memory leak i.e. currentapp memory is not reclaimed.

Ref. by apple If you do not use garbage collection, for object properties you must explicitly specify one of assign, retain or copy—otherwise you will get a compiler warning. (This encourages you to think about what memory management behavior you want and type it explicitly.)

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