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02 Aug 2010, 18:04
Olice Certain II (2 posts)

While working through the project in chapter 10 (Adapting Our Browser to the iPhone), I find that I cannot get the example in Section 10.4 to work. When I click Build and Run it loads and immediately terminates. I checked my code against the sample code and they are the same. I’m using XCode Version 3.2.3. Is there an updated example that uses the latest version of XCode. I’m about halfway through the book and I’d really like to finish but I need to learn how to use the latest platform - especially for iPhone app development.

08 Aug 2010, 15:03
Thomas Wieczorek (7 posts)

I am also using XCode 3.2.3 and the example in chapter 10.4 works for me.

Take a look at the sample code at

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