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02 Sep 2010, 07:52
Gherschon Alexandre (2 posts)

Hello, I would like to say Bravo! for this wonderful book.

However, I’m shocked about a weird “no error” case where in fact, I think there should be one.

At chapter 8 point 4, we define the method “loadPreviousPage”, and fix the missing import error. At this point of the chapter, I thought about going to IB to link the action “loadPreviousPage” to the back button, but I totally forgot about linking the myWebView outlet to the actual webView object (didn’t even find the lines saying to do it, even I know it’s a little obvious).

I ran & build it, everything was OK for the compiler but nothing happened when I clicked the Back button. The “loadPreviousPage” method code was this: [self.myWebView goBack:sender];

Why didn’t I get an error saying self.myWebWindow was nil ?

Thank you for your time.

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