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27 Dec 2009, 22:54
Jan Voges (3 posts)

Hi Venkat,

I have submitted same seeming typos (full stops and commas before closing quote signs instead after), which obviously are not human errors, but a systematic error of the text processor, because there many more. So I think it will be simpler, you look after the “switch” to correct that (if you don’t know it already), then I continue submitting this kind of error (but I am willing to do it, if there is no “switch”).


28 Dec 2009, 03:39
Venkat Subramaniam (98 posts)

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the concern. By convention, the period and commas go within quotes instead of following outside the quote. I learned this the hard way when I was in school. :)



28 Dec 2009, 08:45
Jan Voges (3 posts)

Hm, I would say, “SYMBOL:PRICE” is not a quotation in a narrow sense, but a technical “thing”, a string literal (in contrast to JFK’s quotation on page 32). But I must say, I never learned the english punctuation rules. I hoped, the rules are close enough to the german ones. Sorry for the false alarm.


30 Dec 2009, 10:07
Jan Voges (3 posts)

Hello again!

No, these are definitely errors. And the reason why I thought and still think it is a technical problem, is that it happens only with the normal font (with serifs). Here some correct passages:

 ... "haha", we will ... (Page 8)
 ... "hello", we ... (Page 26)
 ... "mom", however ... (Page 31)
 ... second "hello". However ... (Page 37)
 ... = "blog". However ... (Page 99)

All typeset in other fonts, all sans-serif.

Ok, not so important. Sorry for my pedantism. Jan

29 Dec 2009, 22:55
Venkat Subramaniam (98 posts)

Thanks Jan, I will review this for consistency at the appropriate time.

20 Dec 2010, 00:31
Stephyn G W Butcher (2 posts)

There are different conventions for US and UK English.

UK English: The sign changed from “Walk”, to “Don’t Walk”, to “Walk” again within 30 seconds. US English: The sign changed from “Walk,” to “Don’t Walk,” to “Walk” again within 30 seconds.

They are the same for direct quotation: “If you wish,” she said, “I can show you the way.”

I refuse to use the US version. It makes no sense.

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