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08 Jan 2011, 02:07
Craig Altenburg (1 post)

I’m am concidering purchasing this book on Scala, but cannot find what version it is written to.

Does this book describe Scala 2.8 or some older version?

– Thanks

29 Apr 2011, 21:51
Eric Yen (1 post)

I’d like to know as well. I’m currently on scala 2.9 just because and would like to know if what ever version it is makes a difference.

02 Oct 2011, 09:40
Christian Sarrasin (1 post)

Unfortunately, this book is written for Scala 2.7.4 so is somewhat out of date. Some of the examples, particularly those using collections no longer compile under newer versions. It’s a shame because I’ve found this book to be a very approachable introduction to the language.

To the author: I think a second edition would be a good idea…


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