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26 May 2009, 21:51
Giovanni Intini (1 post)

Hi, I watched the screencasts with pleasure, they were well done, but I hit a problem with the publishing of stories on the newsfeed.

Basically I can only publish one line stories. My fellow coworkers told me it’s impossible to post short stories now without using the dialog that asks for confirmation, how do I do that using facebooker?

27 May 2009, 13:03
Mike Mangino (543 posts)

That’s right. They recently made that change to the rules. You can use the @fb_show_feed_dialog@ helper to display a feed dialog. To use it, you should create a user action in your controller like:


  def index
    @user_action_to_publish = UserPublisher.create_comment_added(user,params[:note])


Then, in the view you can do `

    <%= fb_show_feed_dialog(@user_action_to_publish) %>


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