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18 Nov 2008, 01:30
Brandon Zylstra (5 posts)

It may seem funny to have a wishlist on a store of this size, but it would be very useful.

I can’t put this book in my shopping cart, since it’s not available yet. (And using shopping carts for things you don’t want to buy now but rather eventually is kludgey anyway.) And I can’t just bookmark it since I’m using someone else’s computer at the moment. (Okay, I could post it to, but I’ve never been satisfied with any browser/ integration I’ve tested, so it would just get lost there anyway.) A wish list is really the right solution, and would be very handy.

11 Feb 2009, 01:37
slothbear (7 posts)

agreed - I put it on my amazon universal wishlist - but would have preferred to put it on my pragprog wishlist

05 Aug 2009, 16:23
Zubair Khan (1 post)

Me too! I primarilly buy PDFs, and like to manage my purchases on the site. It would be great to be able to also manage my wish list. OMG! Where’d that Wishlist button come from! I guess make it clearer I get the option once I log in :)

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