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17 Aug 2009, 04:55
Sean Dockery (11 posts)

Hello Johanna,

I have read (and witnessed) that releasing on Friday usually ends up releasing on Sunday night or even Monday morning. There are many books that recommend avoiding the effect of release work bleeding into the weekend (and casually deceiving ourselves that we actually made the Friday release date) by instead scheduling releases for Tuesday or Wednesday. It has been my practice in the past with resources that must work on multiple projects that the Tuesday or Wednesday release is an ideal segue into a context-switch into the other project. In your book, however, you recommend aligning the work schedule to weekends–allowing the weekend to act as a context-switch to another project. How do you handle project/product releases then? Do you still release on Tuesday or Wednesday and staff work for the subsequent release of the same project, or do you allow a special context switch after a given release? Do you have any other thoughts on the matter?


01 Sep 2009, 12:31
Johanna Rothman (10 posts)


Sorry I’m replying late–the Agile conference consumed me until his week. In Manage It! I recommend Tuesday or Wednesday. I only recommend aligning the work schedule to weekends when you’re working in one-week iterations and have to change the project anyway. If you have a change, it’s easier to context switch over a weekend.

For me, the key is to get to a wait state. If you finish work, as in done-done-done, a change doesn’t matter that much. It’s when you haven’t finished that the context switch is difficult.