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28 Aug 2008, 17:23
Steve_L (2 posts)

Ok, I’m a novice - I’ll just throw that out there right away.

In working through the book, I find myself stuck in section 5.9. When I type ogrinfo –formats, several formats are returned, but not PostgreSQL, which is the one we need.
I turned to Appendix A for instructions on how to get this to work, but I’m using Windows, and the instructions in Appendix A are for Mac/Linux. I feel like this has thrown me for a loop, since I am not familiar with either Mac or Linux and don’t know the Windows-equivalents of those instructions.

I’ve scoured the web for information on how to get PostgreSQL support for ogr, but only find information on seemingly more complicated issues.

Am I missing a driver? If so, where do I get it, and how do I apply it/run it?

Any other suggestions?

I feel like this issue must have an easy fix, but it has me stopped dead in my tracks.