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01 Apr 2009, 22:01
Gerard Gartside (1 post)

I think I found an error in -updateMetadataForObjects:andDeletedObjects:error method. (with the caveat that I’m new to all this coming from c# and .net)

An NSString* filePath is declared outside of the for (ManagedObject…) loop and inside this loop another NSString* filePath is declared to get the recipe’s metadata path name. When I ran it the variable declared inside the loop never got assigned to. Replacing the lines

NSString *filePath = [recipe metadataFilename];
filePath = [path stringByAppendingPathComponent:filePath];


filePath = [path stringByAppendingPathComponent:[recipe metadataFilename]];

fixed the problem I had.

I’m finding the book very useful, as I said I’m a beginner with objective-c, cocoa and core data but I am able to follow and understand quite well.

03 Apr 2009, 15:56
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

You are correct that it is an error and will be corrected in the next update.

Thanks for catching it!

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