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11 Jun 2009, 18:46
Steve Hales (1 post)

I originally posted the following paragraph to the errata page. I apologize if that was inappropriate.

Regarding your design that uses metadata files for integration with Spotlight and Quick Look, it seems there might be some user confusion regarding these files. Users could easily conclude that these files actually contain all of the data for the recipes. This could lead users to do things like send them to friends as email attachments, delete them, rename them, etc. with various unexpected results and confusion. You might want to mention these potential drawbacks in the book.

It would be great if Apple provided a more direct method to integrate Spotlight and Core Data. Does anyone know if Apple has any plans to do this in Snow Leopard? Spotlight’s file-oriented nature seems to be an inherent problem for database-backed applications.

27 Jul 2009, 06:09
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

We cannot speak towards Snow Leopard at this time because of the NDA. However the cache files discussed in the book are in the caches directory. There is only so far we can go to protect a user against themselves.

The solution in the book is in production in several applications and I have never heard of a user getting confused over the cache files.

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