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18 Jun 2009, 02:49
whitman stone (19 posts)

I created my entities then closed the model. that was problem number one.

problem number two, is that the books says, right click on Classes, Add New File, pick managed Object class, walk through the dialog.

Managed Object doesn’t appear.

Ok, went back, found this

read it. reopened model, SELECTED THE ENTITY, right clicked on Classes. still no Managed Object template.

THEN chose FILE from top level XCODE menu, picked add file, and voila, there was the Managed Object template.

So there went an hour and a half.


27 Jul 2009, 05:49
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

There is no need to use a NSManagedObject “template” and I do not suggest using one anywhere in the book. I recommend using the NSObject template and changing the super class in the header from NSObject to NSManagedObject. That is all you need to do to subclass a NSManagedObject.

Please let me know where in the book you got confused so that I can clarify it.

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